A short Background

Alongside Barefoot College in India, SWEPA's first mission was to locate & identify rural villages in Sabah with energy constraints to provide sustainable solar power for its community.

Kampung Sonsogon Magandai was chosen, a village located 8 hours drive away from the closest township, only accessible by off-road vehicles driven through the Borneo rainforest. The journey in was relentless.

SWEPA's challenges did not end there. The women of SWEPA needed to build trust with the village community over a period of time, whilst identifying volunteers to go away to India for 6 months. Would anyone actually take that risk?

Only one woman did.

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mission & vision

  • Educate and Empower Women to become solar engineers who install and maintain the equipment for all households in their villages. Utilizing renewable energy sources and creating sustainability and independence for rural communities.
  • Demystify and Decentralize technology through technical education for the marginalized and most rural communities. Target semi-literate or illiterate Grandmothers.
  • Empowering Women and their Communities. Women are the greatest catalyst for change around the developing world. Each woman has the potential to become an agent of change.

The Journey In

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