SWEPA Enriche Program Christmas Bazaar

On December 12 2017 , SWEPA ‘s ENRICHE Programme gladly took part in the four day Christmas Bazaar event organized by DBKK in collaboration with various churches in Kota Kinabalu to usher in the cheer of Christmas and it’s giving spirit. It was an event which gathered huge crowds and had more than 300 booths set up ranging from a variety of products and food for sale.

SWEPA ‘s booth was optly placed second to the left from the main entrance to the Padang or field. Despite heavy rain three out of the four days, the Organizing Chairperson Stella Wong was accompanied by faithful members such as Emmie, Monica Chung and her spouse who jointly helped in setting up the booth. Members such as Lai Fui Nar, Winnie Jong and Mary Jim also joined into pitch their expertise in helping out.

The ENRICHE Program together with CHILD SABAH & Puzzle Print Borneo has produced products such as pencil cases and tote bags which have been hand painted by our own community’s talented autistic children. Our products showcased will be sold to buyers in support of improving rural women’s livelihood from our four adopted villages to empower women , Kampong Sonsogon Magandai, Kampong Sungai Magandai, Kampong Sonsogon Suyad and Kampong Binuntungan Suyad.

Out of the four days of our sales, the last day was the most challenging. I , Dr. Shelly joined OC Stella on this day and despite heavy monsoon like rains, a leak in our umbrella cover, gusty winds blowing our tablecloth and banner away, both of us vowed to carry on as committed members and although drenched like to soaking bunnies, we were pleased to have made good sales for that day that would surely benefit our four villages .

All in all, it was a very successful four days and the initiative to create awareness as well as share our story about our ‘rural sisters’ and there a men’s efforts in learning a new skill and highlighting to the public the tremendous work done by CHILD care with its very talented young children.

This is a value beyond the price.

God Bless all who helped out.

By : Dr. Shelly Bhardwaj
Blog Co-ordinator

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