In the recent Women Empowerment Festival 2017, SWEPA is the coordinator and charity partner for Mrs. Malaysia and Borneo International Global 2017. The three esteemed judges chosen are Datuk Aminah Ambrose, who is also President of SWEPA 2017 and advocate strongly on women empowerment and social entrepreneurship. The second judge is Puan Joanna Kitingan, Vice President SWEPA and Datin Jeanette Tambakau, Immediate Past President of SWEPA as well as the newly appointed Ambassador for Women Empowerment Festival and Mrs. Borneo International Global 2017.

With its appropriate tagline, ‘ BE BOLD FOR A CHANGE’, together with the Organizer for Women Empowerment Festival, Mrs. June Yap, who is also SWEPA’s partner celebrates women to be bold and change for the better.

Mrs. June Yap is also the founder for ‘Shine from within’. Through this event women from all backgrounds are empowered to develop confidence and courage, to boost their skills, grab opportunities, enhance their entrepreneurial and social capabilities to become independent, bold in capable of just about anything. It also encourages all the participants to realise their full potential and transform their lives and communities as leaders and change agents. Every participants was challenged to reflect on how they have taken bold action and driven change for women and the broader community.

In September 2017, SWEPA played a vital role to co-organize Entrepreneurship workshops in our Secretariat office as a venue for training for the finalists. During this three-month intense Bootcamp Training, relevant topics were covered such as, Mindset Change, Knowing Self-Conduct, by Datin Jeanette Tambakau, Social Entrepreneurship by Ms Mary Jim, Founder of MJ by MUS and How to Brand Yourself by Ms Niney Chong, Co- Founder of Bayu Success.

Over the next few months into 2018, SWEPA will continue to support in identifying and inviting successful Women of Substance from within our organization to participate in the ‘Shine from Within’ TV campaign, where interviews will be conducted on successful women in business and leadership roles on their entrepreneurial journey.

This is a Pageant with a difference and purpose. It’s not just only beauty but a purpose in helping and making a difference in the community. It is a way to give back and this event is part of the organizers commitment towards the community and SWEPA thanks Mrs June Yap for her great contribution towards the SWEPA Enriche Program and the opportunity to work along side as ‘Women helping Women’.

We commit in helping to empower as many women as possible from all walks of life to diversify and channel their full potential to reach its highest peak and then to look for more.

Dr. Shelly Bhardwaj.
Blog Co-ordinator

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