103.5: Bunker Roy’s Interviews in Sabah May 2014

Bunker Roy’s interviews  with the local newspaper Daily Express when he was in Kota Kinabalu in May 2014 for the selection of the grandmother candidates for his Barefoot College:

He was extensively interviewed by Chief Editor James Sarda and Special Writer Mary Chin. It was released in 4 installments on 4 consecutive Sunday editions from 26th October 2014.

  1. Daily Express:  26th October 2014:

1st Installment

:file-pageDE p9 26.10

file-page1DE p12 26.10

2) Daily Express 2nd November 2014:

2nd Installment:

P9 2ndNovDE P9 (2.11)P13 2ndNovDE p13 (2.11)

3)  Daily Express 9th November 2014;

3rd Installment: ‘Solar Engineer in the Making’

DE 9Nov14 frontDE 9thNov pg1

DE9Nov14 pg9DE 9thNov pg.9


DE9Nov14 pg13  DE 9thNov pg 13

4th & Final Installment: 16th November 2014.

DE 16Nov14 pg13DE 16thNov pg13

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