104.3: Grandmas’ Documentations June 2014

Grandmas 2 (2)Grandmas 3

Passport 1Passport 2
Their First Passports!

It was the beginning of the Grandmas first adventure coming out from Kg Sonsongon first to Kota Marudu and then to the big city of Kota Kinabalu! It took a fair bit of arranging the logistics and it was only at the 3rd attempt that the 2 grandmas were able to be ferried out from the kampung. President Jeanette put them up in her house for the first few days before Jennifer Ancik kindly took over. Between them and Hanna and Adeline they were brought to the various clinics for their jabs and x-rays and check-ups (see below the documentations required and the arrangements). But first off it was to get them their first ever travel documents, their passports and this was obtained within a day thanks to our efficient Immigration Department.
Seeing them carrying all their belongings in plastic bags, Jennifer got them each a back pack. Their joy was hardly contained before they were also presented with a new hand phone each by Swepa! However, even with such pampring and rich city food, their request was for their humble chewy beetle nut which was promptly supplied by Jennifer!

Grandmas 2 (1)
With Jennifer on the way to getting their beloved beetle nut!

Medical Report (required by the India Mission, to be certified by a doctor/hospital on the panel)
1. Name of Applicant
2. Age
3. Sex : M/F
4. Height (cm)
5. Weight
6. Blood Group
7. Blood Pressure

i. Is the person examined in good health at present?
ii. Is the person examined physically and mentally able to carry out intensive training away from home?
iii. Is the person free of infectious diseases
Skin diseases
Yellow fever certificate
iv. Does the person examined have any medical condition or defect which might require treatment during the course?
v. List any observed abnormalities indicated in the chest Xray.

1. SWEPA to issue a simple letter stating the names of the women, IC, where they are going (India) and why. Include what tests are required (for the government hospital):
a. Innoculation for TB
b. Chest Xray
c. Basic medical
d. Yellow Fever vaccine.
2. Make booking for Yellow Fever vaccine at Klinik Luyang – confirmed appt w En. Taipin, 088-715000 ext. 207 (019-853 2846) for 18th June 2014, 10am. (They had to group 10 patients together to make the dose, use the vial.)
3. On 17th June 2014 : Go to Klinik Kesihatan Luyang at 7am to get a number.
a. See the medical officer for the basic check up (which should include Xray) – RM20.00
b. Request for the TB test with the SWEPA letter – RM5.00
4. Same day : no need to fast, go to Dr. Juliana for blood/urine test for :
a. HIV/AIDS RM20.00
b. Hepatitis A & B RM45.00
c. Hepatitis C RM65.00
d. Urine for Drugs test RM60.00
(Note: Blood test to be done to test for the above BEFORE any vaccines can be given by any doctor.)
5. On 18th June 2014 : 10am for the Yellow Fever vaccine @ Klinik Kesihatan Luyang.
Bring SWEPA letter, and copies of ICs and passports.
RM90.00 per person.
On 19th June 2014 : Go to Dr. Juliana for blood test results. Check which vaccines can be done. Otherwise, can go to Dr. Suzain for all vaccines including Cholera. Call Dr. Suzain to check if she has.  Check where it’s stated that the women require Cholera vaccine.

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