101.2: How It All Began: Part 2: Adeline & Marceline: 2013

…… we now fast forward to April 2013…..

It so happen that Adeline was in KL to attend the Sime Darby Foundation BOD meeting in which she is a Council member and was staying at the Shangrila Hotel. At breakfast and at first minding her own business, she soon overheard a lady talking animatedly at the next table to a group of people. Suddenly a name she had heard so often before and embedded deep into her sub-conscious rang out – BUNKER ROY.  Instantly all the fire, passion and promise of what Barefoot College can do in Sabah came flooding back. She felt she had to put all decorum and etiquette aside and to gate crash the discussion to introduce herself as she wanted to know more about Bunker Roy.  

The lady was Marceline Lemarie, and she was with Ghim of KATCHI. They were   organizng the Global World Marketing Summit in Kuala Lumpur (KL) later on in the year and she was bringing Bunker Roy in as a speaker to Malaysia!  Marceline has a heart for Sabah as she recently brought 100 children from the Tambunan Orphanage in Sabah to KL in line with one of her projects linked to the Summit.  

IMG-20140525-WA0015 Marceline (right)

To cut a long story short, Marceline kindly said she would bring up the plight of Sabah’s rural needs to Bunker at the Summit and to see what can be done. She then invited SWEPA to send 5 members on a complimentary basis for the Marketing Summit to be held on 28th September 2013 so that they could meet the great man and present their case. 

Thus Adeline went together with Datin Jeanette, Hanaa, Ursula and Niney.   The Summit itself was an eye opener as they were meeting global leaders but best of all was the golden opportunity to meet up with Bunker Roy and hear his presentation.

   IMG-20130930-WA0002 Bunker Roy’s Presentation


Bunker with the Swepa ladies: Adeline, Jeanette, Hanna & Niney

The SWEPA ladies were ushered forward to meet him just before his presentation and without hesitation he said, “Yes, send me the two grandmothers from Borneo!”. They were joyously taken aback as they had not even had the chance to put forward their carefully prepared case to convince him to come to Sabah! Little did they know that Marceline had already provided the background to him and he had decided that he wanted the grandmothers from Borneo. Bless you Marceline!

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