105.1: Raleigh International & the REW (Rural Electrical Workshop) Building: July-August 2014

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The Raleigh International team braved the poor road conditions and the logistics nightmare to bring all their equipment and material into the kampung to be able to begin work by 1st July 2014. The team is led by
Project Directors: Mark McCarthy, Dickie Humphries. Project Coordinator: Phili Newell, Project Officers: David Cupper and Tom Newell.

REW 1REW 1 (1)REW 1 (2)REW 2REW 2.1REW 2.2

By mid July despite the onslaught of the tail end of typhoon North of Sabah, the team has the flooring and wall structures up!

REW 24July14
24th July 2014

12346 (1)6 (2)8 (2)8 (1)

REW2 (1)REW2 (2)REW3REW4
20th August 2014

Towards the end of August a very well defined building is up and inhabitable! Syabas to the Raleigh Team! RALEIGH BOLEH!
Preparations are now being made to have the REW Building officially launched in mid September by our partner the Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) which fully financed this project. With much appreciation to SCC!

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