107.1: Tarihing’s Adventure Begins: 15th Sept.2014

Swepa send-off.

Early hours of Monday 15th Sept 2014 @ KKIA airport. Send off by Swepa Ladies: Hanaa, Datin Jeanette, brave Tarihing, Li Ling and Karen.


!At KLIA airport Arrived KLIA 2: First Leg

Tarihing in planeArrive New Delhi airport

Thumbs Up! Fist plane ride! No fear!                                            New Delhi Airport.

Arrived!Arrival with Myanmar ladies

ARRIVED!                                                             Met by Barefoot College staff and with the ladies

from Myanmar who arrived at the same time.

Transport to Tilonia@ Barefoot College

Her transportation and escorts for the 4 hour ride to Tilonia. 1st glimpse of the college.



Arrive Barefoot CollegeHostel Compound

At last Barefoot College!                                           The Hostel grounds.                    .

Checking into Hostel

With ladies from Timor Leste. They could speak Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia! Tarihing shed tears of joy on hearing her language being spoken. But alas they were leaving as they had just completed their program.

1st Call HomeCanteen breakfast

Her 1st Call Home!                                Her 1st breakfast of capati at the canteen.


CollegeCollege 2

College 3Classmates

Barefoot College and classmates.

From Swepa member Li Ling of AFC who accompanied Tarihing all the way to Tilonia to ensure she arrived safely and settled down: the following are excerpts of her watsapp along the way to the other Swepa members:

At Dehli airport, waited for the Myanmar ladies to arrive. When they finally did, Tarihing was surprise that they didn’t speak Bahasa Malaysia.

We are still 1 1/2 hour car ride away from Tilonia. Tarihing is very well. She is Happy to see other Asian faces – Myanmar ladies, but surprise that the ladies can’t speak Bahasa! Everything feels very safe, from pick up point to now, we are very well taken care of by the Barefoot college staff. We are treated with a cuppa chai every other hour.

Traffic was not as bad as I imagined it to be with steep terrain by the cliff face and all. In fact it is a very flat country and we travel on highway throughout. The road is constructed for 16 wheelers & heavy trucks, it is actually amazing how good the road is. But there were lots of big trucks doing zic zac and continuous honking. Our driver was Visharam, a very good driver. I was told that is not rude to honk, the cars are just ‘talking’ to each other

All 6 of us plus 2 drivers headed to tilonia at about midnight, took multiple chai stop & arrived at barefoot college at about 7 this morning.

One of the Myanmar lady slept on Tarihing’s lap in the car- good to see they are bonding immediately

Then we proceeded to Barefoot student quarter at the old campus. We met a group of 5 ladies from Timor Leste getting ready to leave the college as they had completed their training. Upon hearing that we are from Malaysia, the ladies spoke Bahasa at once. Tarihing was so so happy & tears followed when she heard that they are leaving. Though we all have only met for 5 minutes, Timur ladies & Tarihing were hugging each other & Tarihing cried quite a bit

First thing when we arrived was a welcome by the manager. And he immediately arranged everyone to make a call back home. Tarihing managed to get through to her husband from the first dial. I have also messaged him  earlier to update him. Everyone was given a toiletries set each. After the first set is finished they then have to buy with their own money.

Went to the Canteen for breakfast- chapati, white rice & tomato gravy. Tarihing was not very familiar with the food. I’m glad I’ve bought some Maggi mee for her.

Tarihing’s stay in KK with everyone helping out did her wonderfully. Just simply, she was showing the Myanmar ladies how to flush the toilet & to use the censored water tap. Thank you for everyone who have hosted her in KK. Great effort!

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