110.1: Project Update Sept’14-Mar’15


SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project Update 18th MARCH 2015;

There was much joy, pride and ecstasy when the SWEPA ladies led by President Jeanette Tambakau saw Tarihing appear from the arrival hall on the evening of 16th March 2015. At last she’s home! The next day SWEPA laid on a grand welcoming party for her where over 50 SWEPA members and invited guests turned out in joy to welcome her home, She related her experiences at the Barefoot College and had the audience in stiches with her anecdotes. She held the audience of top women leaders and entrepreneurs with confidence and aplomb showing how far she has come. She was plucked from total obscurity into the limelight of being the first Malaysian solar engineer to light up her kampong. She will now be a leader in her village and we all eagerly await the unfolding of the next chapter of this incredible saga.






SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project Update 15th MARCH 2015;

Tarihing’s Homecoming 16th March 2015! A SWEPA member Maria Joy went all the way to Tilonia to accompany Tarihing back home! They will arrive at the Kota Kiabnalu airport in the evening of 16th March where a grand welcoming party has been paid out for her. Arrangements have been made to bring her husband down from Kota Marudu to greet her. Tarihing & escort Maria JoyTarihing & friendsTarihing with her escort Mary Joy                             Tarihing saying goodbye to some of her new found friends. A reception by SWEPA to include all the partners will be held the next day 17th March at the Grandis Hotel in Kota Kinabalu..


SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project Update JANUARY 2015 Led by their President, Datin Jeanette Tambakau, the ladies from SWEPA travelled to Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajastan, India to visit their budding solar engineer charge Tarihing. They include Project Chairperson Datuk Adeline Leong,. Hanna Wong Abdullah, Jennifer Teoh, Doris Lim, Ursula U, Pang Suk Ching, Caroline Chin, Anne Lasimbang and Jennifer Anjek from PACOS and Special Feature Daily Express writer, Mary Chin. They were there from 16th – 19th January 2015. 313.1

With Tarihing (centre)                                                 With Bunker Roy (1st left)


SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project Update DECEMBER 2014

11 intrepid ladies from SWEPA led by their President Datin Jeanette will be flying off to India to visit the Barefoot College in Tilonia and to give moral support to Tarihing besides bringing her all the food and Sabah snacks she has been pining for especially her beloved ‘kirai’! They’ll be at the college for 3 days from the 16th January 2015. When they return we will be able to give a full report of Tarihing’s time at the college Christmas in Tilonia!

IMG-20141229-WA0017With ‘Santa Claus’ Bunker

IMG-20141229-WA0018 IMG-20141229-WA0019

Tarihing at extreme left in red jacket.


SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project Update NOVEMBER 2014 Tarihing: A Solar Engineer in the Making:

DE 16NovTarihing 2 Tarihing 1

Tarihing’s Arrival in India:(please read details in separate blog)

Press 1Press 2


SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project Update 23rd September 2014:

Swepa send-off.

THE SEND OFF! 15th Sept.2014 @ 6.00am. Hanaa, Datin Jeanette, Tarihing,, Li Ling, Karen

In the first week of September both Tarihing Masanim & Boyocot Punam  were supposed to have come down to Kota Kinabalu to prepare and await the issuance of their Indian visas and to leave on the scheduled date of 10th September. However, the 2nd lady Boyocot had a change of heart due to her fear of flying and decided not to proceed. Brave Tarihing declared that she didn’t mind going alone. Swepa member Li Ling of Asian Forestry Company (AFC) had volunteered to accompany Tarihing all the way to Tilonia.

Thus on the 5th September Tarihing was brought out from the kampong by AFC personnel and to KK to stay with Jennifer Anjek of PACOS near Kinarut. After several frantic phone calls to the Indian High Commission’s office in Kuala Lumpur by Datuk Adeline concerning the visa application, Swepa received the good news that an additional place to the quota for the College training had been approved by the Indian Government and that the visa can be issued by Monday 15th September and Tarihing can leave for New Delhi that same evening! This success of a place for a grandmother from Borneo was achieved by the concerted efforts of Bunker Roy who worked tirelessly to ensure that an additional place was found for Tarihing. We are indebted to you Bunker for your efforts in making sure this is happening!

Datuk Adeline happened to be in KL that weekend so she dropped by the Indian High Commission’s office on Friday 12th September to ensure all was in order. She met up with Shushovan and Meyyappan of the Education Section of the Indian HC and  noted with joy that everything had been approved! They have received the sanction from the Ministry in Dehli after many phone calls and had put in a lot of work on their part to ensure that Tarihing’s case proceeded successfully. She informed Mayyappan that Li Ling and Tarihing will see him at around 10.30am on arrival from KK. He confirmed that Tarihing’s student visa was ready and all that was needed was her fingerprints and it should be ready in 1-2 hrs time for them to be able to leave on 6pm Malindo flight to Dehli!

Please see accompanying report on Tarihing’s travel and arrival at Barfoot College, Tilonia,  India.

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