111.3 The Village Solar Committee & the Equipment: 12th June 2015:

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Datin President Jeanette chairing the meeting of the villagers to select the solar committee. 12th June 2015

(a) Confirmation of solar committee commitment, briefing of their role, duty and expectation of them

(b) Request the committee to number each house ‘Nombor pintu rumah’

(c) To confirm with villagers that they are to build benches like those in the church using left over material from REW

(d) Announcement kutipan wang reduced to RM15 per house

(e) Discuss and confirm money collection system, who to collect, where to store the money, opening of bank account? If yes to opening bank account, who to be account holder?

(f) To inform of a collection incentive.

(g) To provide a basic cash collection recording system briefing

(h) To discuss when is the first collection date with villager.

(i) To discuss with committee, especially Tarihing on the installation schedule. When she plan to install for REW and the other houses. Solar for houses will only be installed once the money is collected.

(j) To inform them of the launching of the project on the 3rd August 2015 and CM will be launching.

(k) To select one more lady from Kg. Songsogon Magandai to go to India, if no one, then select someone from Kg. Sungai Magandai



Tarihing – the solar engineer                 Chairwoman: Boyokot



Treasurer: Lina


Secretary: Michael                                   Internal Auditor



Member in charge of REW Building


Member: Installer                                   Advisor: Kayak Ontol: Village Chief:

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