116 (1) The Launch 19th Nov 2015: The Journey In



After several changes of dates to suit everybody, the official launch by the Chief Minister himself was set for the 19th November 2015 together with the State Assembly woman for the constituent YB Datuk Anita Baranting. The Swepa ladies swung into action co-ordinating the nightmarish logistics for such an important event deep in the middle of Northern Sabah, a good 6-8 hours drive from Kota Marudu over what could best be described as muddy tracks ploughed through the jungles. Even in the best of times it would have been a back breaking roller coaster safari. In November with the North East monsoon in full force, it was almost a fool hardy attempt. But attempt the intrepid ladies of Swepa did, marshaling 4×4 off road experts from the Labuan 4×4 Club. They gallantly came forward and provided 8 vehicles with their experienced drivers. Bless them! Together with a total of 12 brave Swepa ladies, they set off in 2 convoys. The advance team of 3 vehicles left on the 16th November while the 2nd convoy consisting of 5 more vehicles left the day before the launch on the 18th November. It would not be stretching the imagination to say that without the expertise of the 4×4 club members, most of the ladies would not have made it in and out in the manner that they did and be able to relate the harrowing experience with the most common immediate refrain being “What insanity””Never again” and groaning “My Back; My Head; My B.. (i.e posterior)”. But days later as they reflected on this adventure of a life time they felt a deep sense of achievement for the cause has been the most noble of all, providing needs where it is most needed by the most needy. For the ladies and the team it was a once in life time adventure. For the folks of kampong Songogon Magandai and the others deep in the vast jungles of Sabah, it is part of their lives. Sybas to the ladies of Swepa for bringing some light into their lives.

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