And Now ON, ON, ON to Light Up the next Kampung!

Hardly have the villagers of Kampung Sonsogon got used to their new routine the solar lights have brought to their lives, the Swepa ladies have already mapped out and started their work on the next village.

Datin Jeanette Tambakau now heads the new Organising Committee and they have already identified the village as Kampung Sungai Magandai, some 2 hours away from the present one. Moreover, during the launching of the solar lights, they visited this 2nd village and interviewed and identified the two grandmothers. The ladies do not sit on their laurels!

They are RUSNI SINGKAMUNG (left) & GINING JAINEH both 37 years old grandmothers.


They were brought out into Kota Kinabalu in December 2015 and have had their documents done to prepare them to leave for India for the March 2016 intake! Both Barefoot College and the Indian High Commission in Malaysia have confirmed their scholarships and acceptances! Hallelujah!

Got their Brand new passports in one day!IMG-20151201-WA0027

IMG-20151124-WA0002With their X-rays; Medical All Clear!

IMG-20151124-WA0003 IMG-20151124-WA0004

Hosted and well looked after by the Swepa member Geraldine. They have returned to their village while the Organising Committee apply for their visas. A new blog by the committee will trace their journey.

All Glory to God for this Blessed Project.

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