Homecoming Party & Pre Launch of REW Building

Saturday September 17 2016, was a day to remember and go down in history as yet another milestone turned by Swepa bringing back successfully two grandmas from Barefoot College, Tilonia, India as Sabah’s 2nd and 3rd respective ‘solar engineers’.


It is Swepa’s pride and joy to see Gining and Rusni join the pioneer ‘solar engineer’, Tarahing Masinim as newly graduated and fully trained ‘solar engineers’ who will go onto light up another one hundred houses as we progress onwards to identify and hand-pick the next illiterate grandmas to continue the legacy of Sabah’s ‘Solar Mamas’ in Project 3.0.

Both Gining and Rusni were received with an overwhelming mixed emotions of love, joy, pride, admiration and respect by the members of Swepa, public and the panel of distinguished invited guests and sponsors.


Kota Maradu’s District Officer Arnold Joibi saluted the Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association for their initiative in empowering two more rural women and transforming them into confident, capable ‘solar engineers’. Indeed history has been made in which 3 lives have changed which in turn will change hundreds more and this reflects pride and joy to Kota Maradu, Sabah and Malaysia.

With the help of dedicated volunteers under ‘Raleigh International ‘, the REW building has been constructed in Kampung Sungai Magandai , where the work of assembling the solar panels will be carried out. SWEPA is deeply thankful to Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn Bhd for sponsoring the REW building.



Our heroes, Tarihing, Gining, and Rusni left their families and home to travel across the globe to a far off land 9600 km away only to console themselves that what they are sacrificing is for the benefit of a better life for their loved ones, their children, their future grandchildren and their community. Their sheer guts, determination, perseverance and foresight has led them to where they are today, graduates of Barefoot College overriding all obstacles and hardships endured by them in a relatively long six months period, to only benefit the lives of humanity.

In my opinion, these ‘3 unsung heroes’ are truly our ‘ Nobel Prize Winners’.

Swepa is humbled by the international stance that this noble project as undertaken for its about ‘women helping women’. and the light of a single candle that helps to light so many more.


Blog co-ordinator Dr. Shelly Bhardwaj

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