SWEPA Live Interview with ASTRO TV AWANI

September 21 2017 at precisely 9 PM, SWEPA and it’s committed members represented a turn of events for this organization when  it was aired live in an interview and a video that showed the beginnings and progress of Barefoot Solar Project.

SWEPA’s global and most successful ‘solar mama’, Tarihing was asked the question, ‘ Weren’t you afraid where you were going?’ The video set in the quiet, tranquil and peaceful environment of her village, portrays the humble beginnings of this village, Sonsogon Magandai and now to where it has reached after having successfully lit up 100 houses by Tarihing alone using solar panels that she learnt to assemble from scratch taught in Barefoot College, Tilonia, Rajestan, India. Tarihing replied she was never in fear as she had the support and trust from SWEPA, especially the Barefoot Committee and President and knew this would benefit her future generations.

Present at the live interview and asked questions by host Mr. Kamarul of Astro Awani, the panel of 4 powerful SWEPA ladies swooned the entire nation as they watched in awe the dedication, and commitment to strive for ‘Light’ for all . These ladies are, SWEPA’s President Datuk Aminah Ambrose, Immediate Past  President  cum Organising Chairperson to Barefoot Committee , Datin Jeanette Tamba­kau, Pn Sitti Damsal, Treasurer of SWEPA and Pn  Niney Chong, Head of Biznet & Training cum Head of Public Relation to Barefoot Committee.

Catch this live interview which has delivered it’s important message of changing the lives of others through footsteps of SWEPA .

Dr. Shelly Bhardwaj

Blog Co-ordinator

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